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Annual physicals are a one-on-one time with your doctor to thoroughly evaluate your health and determine if you’re at risk of developing a chronic condition. At Concierge Wellness Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can expect expanded in-house lab services, vision and hearing exams, advanced body fat measuring, and more during your routine exam. If you’re due for an annual physical, call our office today to visit with Christopher Choi, MD, today.

Annual Physical Q & A

Why are annual physicals important?

Annual physicals are essential for all children, adults, and seniors, even if you’re in relatively good health. Getting annual physicals is important to:

  • Keep your weight on track and prevent (or treat) weight gain
  • Intervene early if you’re at risk of developing heart disease
  • Gather updated labs to check your kidney function, cholesterol, and more

Routine annual physical exams are particularly important if you’re managing a chronic disease or condition. If you have prediabetes or if your cholesterol is on the rise, for instance, your doctor needs to check your labs regularly — you may even need twice-a-year exams — to ensure your treatment plan and recommended lifestyle changes are working for you. 

Which services are included in an annual physical?

Concierge Wellness Center proudly offers comprehensive annual physicals designed to evaluate you from head to toe. Though each exam is entirely tailored to the patient, most physicals include the following services:

  • Vision and hearing exams
  • Blood pressure evaluation 
  • Review of family medical history
  • In-house blood draw for laboratory testing
  • Body fat measurements using the Tanita® scale
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) to monitor your heart health
  • Ankle-brachial index test to evaluate blood flow, especially in your legs

Concierge Wellness Center even offers executive physicals. This specialized exam is centered around the needs of you and your employer and is conducted around your busy work schedule. 

Do I need to do anything to prepare for an annual physical?

Though not required, you can do a few things to prepare for your annual physical at Concierge Wellness Center, especially if you’re new to the practice. For example, it’s helpful to request medical records from any physicians you’ve been seeing, including your previous primary care physician, as well as any specialists. 

If you take medications, whether they’re over-the-counter or prescription, make a list of them as well as the dosages you take, so Concierge Wellness Center can make any necessary updates to your medications.

Fasting is necessary for certain lab tests, including some glucose and cholesterol screenings. When booking your annual physical at Concierge Wellness Center, ask the team if you need to fast for a few hours (or overnight) before your visit. 

Book your annual physical at Concierge Wellness Center by clicking on the online scheduler. You can also call to book an exam over the phone today.